The NEW CBG Website

We are pleased to announce that the website has been updated with recent information, membership updates, program related information and a general refresh. Please consider this your primary resource for all things CBG. It is our intention to populate and update the site frequently with any/all relevant information to assist in improved communication with the membership.

CBG Report to Members

Log into your CBG account to view the latest CBG Report to Members. This is where you will find member updates from the prior months CBG-related activities.

 Requests for Proposal – The RFP Process Defined

In the spirit of transparency, we would like to define the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for service providers, vendors, and manufacturers interested in serving the CBG membership. From this point forward, all RFPs will be announced via this website. It will be the responsibility of interested vendors/providers to check the site regularly for announced opportunities and respond as defined within the RFP guidelines. RFP postings will commonly be open for 30 days, but posting periods could vary +/- at the sole discretion of the CBG and will be defined specifically by the individual RFP. All submissions offered in response to an RFP should adhere to the specific requirements of the associated RFP and any late or incomplete submissions will be considered solely at the discretion of the CBG. The website posting of RFPs will generally be the only public form of announcement for any RFP and all responsibility for viewing and responding to RFPs will reside with the prospective vendor/provider. All executed programs or awarded contracts will be announced via the CBG website.

Process Summary:

  • Interested vendors should refer to the CBG website frequently for RFP announcements
  • Submissions should be complete and timely to guarantee consideration
  • All executed programs or awarded contracts will be announced via CBG website

CBG will continue to entertain open dialogue with any interested vendor/provider in the absence of a formal RFP. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Brad Wardlow at to express their prospective interest.

Exclusive Offer From Movieline International

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BREAKING NEWS – Teams up with the CBG, a leading global provider of remote movie ticketing, announced that it has entered into a multi-year deal with the Cinema Buying Group to offer it’s services across CBG’s network of theaters. In doing so, will be the exclusive ticketing company to offer the CBG members a platform through which patrons can browse movie show times and purchase tickets in advance. A significant number of independent theaters do not currently have online or mobile advance ticket solutions in place. Through the agreement, these exhibitors have made a key technological commitment to extend the service to their customers looking to take advantage of the convenience of buying tickets to movies in advance.

View the full PRESS RELEASE here – MovieTickets Press Release_Final_07162015

NEW! – Promotion in Motion Offers a CBG Exclusive Rebate Program

We are pleased to announce a new CBG exclusive Candy Rebate Program with a candy manufacturer that many of you have been doing business with for years. Promotion in Motion has been a great supporter of our industry and, more specifically, to the independent theater community as a whole. The PIM brand mix covers all of the primary categories and they have great brand representation within their portfolio of candies.

This program is another example of the CBGs intent to secure member-exclusive deals with our vendor partners – including program elements that are ONLY accessible to our members and that offer benefit without being over burdensome to the members. This a good program that will immediately offset Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) within the concession category. The associated rebate savings in conjunction with high-quality, great selling products can have a positive impact to your concession profit margins for the remainder of the calendar year 2015.

See the Rebate Claim Form and the CBG PIM Program Announcement Letter.

New Program Opportunity – Indie Marketing Coalition (IMC)

The IMC was announced to an overwhelmingly positive response at CinemaCon 2015 and sign-ups began immediately. A recent CBG/2656 combined webinar was offered to members (past and present) to provide answers to questions and offer the opportunity to learn more about the program.

This program requires that member sign-ups combine to represent approximately 10% of the national box office gross revenue. As of this posting we have confirmed a combined representation of about 4% of national box office gross. As a reminder, your registration on this program requires no cost and simply confirms your commitment to promote movies and programs as coordinated by 2656 through the studio partners. It is basically FREE additional advertising and promotion of your upcoming films.

Thank you to those member companies that have already signed up for participation in the IMC! If you have not signed up, we encourage you to please follow the instructions below and do so now.

STEP 1: Sign up NOW! Click the link: 

STEP 2: Encourage your peers that are on the fence to sign up!

STEP 3: CBG registrations surpass the required 10% national BOR threshold. YAY!

STEP 4: You get free advertising and promotional materials, you can participate in future studio sweepstakes, you have access to prospective concession studio tie-ins.

STEP 5: Your attendance increases, you sell more stuff, you make more money, you keep more profit and you cannot imagine why you hesitated to simply sign up for this program!

Please, your fellow members are counting on you to sign up and get this program launched!