Royal Corporation Janitorial & Sanitation Supplies Program

The CBG has pre-negotiated pricing for a condensed list of about 100 jan/san products that will serve member needs across four primary product categories. Royal Corporation’s expansive list of over 4,000 products from 300+ companies will allow us to continue to expand our relationship as member needs evolve. CBG Program – 100 Products: Paper, Brooms/Mops/Brushes,… Read more »

DCDC – Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition

This program provides theatrical digital delivery services through a specially created network comprised of next-generation satellite and terrestrial distribution technologies. It is capable of supporting feature, promotional, pre-show and live content distribution into theaters. CBG-negotiated Exhibitor Services Agreement (5 year term) No-cost equipment and installation 24/7/365 network monitoring & technical support Theatrical content standard delivery… Read more »

Philips Xenon Lamp Program

CBG has partnered with Philips for the supply and distribution of high-quality xenon projection lamps at discounted prices, free or reduced shipping rates and extended lamp rupture warranties. Cinema Buying Group members can enjoy the added benefits of lamp purchases (at our already discounted rates) in the CBG Loyalty Program. The loyalty details are outlined in the… Read more »

Canadian Xenon Lamp Program

Philips Lighting is pleased to offer Canadian CBG members a value-added Xenon Lamp Supply Program that extends Group Rate benefits, savings and incentives to all CBG exhibitor members. A special “Invoicing Portal” for handling invoices of xenon lamp orders has also been launched. This portal is specifically tailored to accommodate the preference of Canadian members to conduct business transactions in… Read more »

Indie Marketing Coalition

The Indie Marketing Coalition was conspired to provide more, and better, marketing and promotional assets to our independent theater community through the concerted efforts of BoxOffice and 2656 Marketing. Anticipated programs will include film-targeted promotions, studio sweepstakes, and concession programs. Newly announced program benefits (summer and fall 2016) include the following: MyTheatre.Rocks – a FREE… Read more » Offers Third-party Mobile/Online Ticketing

The CBG exclusive third-party provider of mobile/online ticketing is, a leading global provider of remote movie ticketing. This partnership provides a key technological commitment to extend the service to our members seeking to provide their customers the convenience of remote, advance movie ticket purchases. The CBG has pre-negotiated an Exhibitor Affiliate Agreement for… Read more »

Candy Programs

Promotion in Motion 2017 Candy Rebate Program

Program Available: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 2017 Rebate Request Deadlines (prior to): Q1 – May 15, 2017; Q2 – Aug 15, 2017; Q3 – Nov 15, 2017; Q4 – Feb 15, 2018 Program Summary – No qualifying candies required for participation. Tier one rebates: 1-3 candies, Tier two rebates: 4-6 candies, Tier three rebates: level 2… Read more »

Mars 2017 Candy Rebate Program

The Mars Chocolate 2017 Candy Rebate Program will be retroactive to January 1, 2017. All of the program details are attached in the three included program documents, but here are a few of the program highlights. Rebate Payouts Begin at Three (3) SKUs Rebate Amounts Range From 4% to 12% Rebates are Paid Quarterly Rebate… Read more »

Hershey 2017 Candy Rebate Program

This 2017 Hershey Candy Rebate Program will be retroactive to January 1, 2017. All of the program details are attached in the included program documents and here are a few of the program highlights. Rebate of 4% for Four (4) SKUs Items must be stocked by 3/31/2017 for first semester eligibility Enrollment form MUST be… Read more »