Canadian Xenon Lamp Program


Philips Lighting is pleased to offer Canadian CBG members a value-added Xenon Lamp Supply Program that extends Group Rate benefits, savings and incentives to all CBG exhibitor members. A special “Invoicing Portal” for handling invoices of xenon lamp orders has also been launched. This portal is specifically tailored to accommodate the preference of Canadian members to conduct business transactions in their local Canadian Currency.
Key Program Benefits:
  •         Net60 Payment terms and ability to pay invoices in Canadian Dollar
  •         Economical shipping and pre-negotiated expedited shipping
  •         Exceptional Group Prices on all lamps
  •         Sign-on incentive CREDIT of US $250 or US $400 on first order
  •         Orders ship same day or  within 1 – 2 days
  •         Large inventory of US lamps in stock at Philips factory in California
Accordingly, please click the following links for review:
  1. CBG Canada member 2016 Philips Price List
  2. CBG Canada member Philips Incentive program
  3. Philips Xenon Lamp Conversion Chart
Here’s How It Works:
 – Contact to request Account Set-up Form
 – Once account is set up, email or fax orders as described below
 – Orders will be shipped within 2 days
 – Invoicing and payments will process in Canadian dollars
TO PLACE ORDERS (email or fax):
FAX:       1-626-480-0855    Attn: Sami Haddad
Once orders are placed and processed, the portal will generate invoices in Canadian dollar. The invoices will have our Remittance Banking Details to which members can eventually make payments in Canadian dollar.